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White Label Bicycle Battery Parts | Plastic | |
White Label Bicycle Battery Parts | Plastic | |
White Label Bicycle Battery Parts | Plastic | |
White Label Bicycle Battery Parts | Plastic | |

White Label Bicycle Battery Parts | Plastic | |

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Specifications of these White Label Bicycle Battery Parts | Plastic | |

Battery capacity:
Battery type:
Chemical Family:
Weight in kilograms:
Color designation: black
Material: plastic
Brand: White Label
Model: bicycle battery parts
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color:
Type of indication:
Wattage: Europe's most used battery tester Battery tester, 3V to 60V, incl. software, universal cable part (alligator clips + and -), USB cable for connection to PC/Laptop, accessory cable for specific adapters (adapters to be ordered separately), thermo printing paper. With the battery tester you, as a bicycle specialist, bring extra efficiency to your workshop and extra services to your customers. Lack of battery power won't stop your customers from planning their cycling any time soon! Compatible with almost every battery on the market, you can effortlessly test the quality of the battery in 3 simple steps and immediately run a report. The share of electric bicycles in the total turnover in the bicycle sector has been increasing for years. However, an electric bicycle is a completely different product than a bicycle without an electric drive. A problem that many bicycle dealers encounter with e-bikes is in particular the time that the mechanic spends looking for the malfunction or the diagnosis. The customer often gets a loan e-bike and there is a lot of communication with the supplier. The entire process therefore costs a lot of time and money, which puts enormous pressure on the return. Without a Batterytester, technicians will call the supplier and replace various items in order to arrive at a diagnosis, which is not always correct. As a result, the consumer has to come back again because his problem was not solved the first time. In short, a lot of frustration for the consumer but also for the bicycle shop, bicycle manufacturer and battery supplier. When an e-bike is traded in, the battery is an essential part of the price of the e-bike. Often little is given for an e-bike to be traded in because people do not know what the quality of this battery is. By using the Batterytester, the bicycle shop can offer a solid trade-in price to the consumer. A bicycle dealer can also use the Batterytester when delivering e-bikes from the suppliers. A so-called quality check of the battery on arrival. In case of sale to the consumer, a report of the diagnosis can be printed and delivered with the e-bike in question. In the meantime, a battery test can also be done in a service plan as a service to the consumer. This provides the bicycle dealer with good tools and can get a good picture of the quality of the battery in question. When developing the Batterytester, we already took into account the fact that our tester should be user-friendly. There has also been a lot of consultation with the bicycle industry, which a good battery tester must meet. In the end we came to the conclusion that the Batterytester should simply display the capacity as a percentage. All other matters such as the number of charges, etc. are secondary and are offered by bicycle manufacturers in equipment with which the BMS can be read. The user simply wants to know the quality of a battery. This requires our Battery Tester. Advantages at a glance:

  • User-friendly testing in 3 steps
  • Test most batteries in the market
  • Built-in printer
  • Dutch quality product
  • Developed with one of the largest bicycle manufacturers
  • Efficiency throughout the chain, from battery producer and e-bike manufacturer to bicycle dealer.